Term Life

Term 10, 20 & 30: Term life insurance is designed to meet short-term needs. It covers a set period of time, generally from 1 to 20 years, or even longer, depending on your needs. The cost of term life insurance is typically more affordable than permanent life insurance, which covers you for life.

Permanent Life

MAXLife T100, Life 10/20, Guaranteed Whole Life & Life Start: Permanent life insurance is designed to meet your long-term needs and protect you for life. It may be more cost-effective than term life insurance in the long run.

Universal Life

PACE: Universal life insurance is designed to make sure you are covered for as long as you need, and lets you invest tax-free at the same time.


Disability: Meet your financial obligations if you cannot work because of an accident or illness.
Extended Health Care: Get reimbursed for healthcare expenses not covered under government plans (dental care, vision care, alternative medicine, etc.)
Critical Illness, Specialty CI: Focus on your recovery and avoid the financial stress related to a serious illness like cancer or a stroke
Long-Term Care: Avoid becoming a burden on your family if you lose your independence because of an illness like cancer, stroke or Alzheimer’s disease.

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Insurance Glossary

Life Insured: The person on whose death or disability the insurance proceeds will become payable.

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