Term Life Solutions Series

Solution 10 & 20: Each plan offers insurance at a level cost that increases every 10 or 20 years depending on the plan selected. Also depending on the plan you select, your rates freeze at a certain age until you reach age 100.

Permanent Life Insurance

Solution 100 & Hybrid Solution 100:The simplest to understand is the permanent, non-participating plan providing guaranteed level lifetime coverage and fully paid-up at age 100. Other features include cash and paid-up values starting after 4 years.

Permanent Participating Life Insurance

Optimax 20 Pay & Optimax Life Pay: These policies combine guaranteed life insurance coverage and strong guaranteed cash values. The added bonus is the potential to receive dividends each year.

Universal Life

Trilogy & Trilogy Plus: Combining tax-advantaged savings with flexible insurance choices, these policies let you customize your coverage with maximum choices in coverage, cost and investment risk.

Critical Illness

Vital Link 10, 75 & 100: Illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke can have an impact on you, your family or business on an emotional and financial level. Critical illness coverage by Empire Life provides a lump sum of cash, tax-free, to help you with the financial means to continue treatment, find the right treatment and protect your financial assets at the same time.


Payout Annuities: With an Equitable Life payout annuity you can be assured that our rates are among the best in the industry. We offer a wide range of payout annuity income options to customize the retirement income solution to best suit your financial goals and dreams. Income you can count on.

Segregated Funds

Pivotal Select: Segregated fund contracts offer the choice of two distinct guarantee classes: Investment and Estate. Investors can choose from a diverse selection of investment funds from a variety of Canadian fund managers. When you invest in segregated funds you automatically receive the estate planning and protection features of an insurance contract; potentially protecting your investments from creditors.

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Insurance Glossary

Locked-in Retirement Account (LIRA): An arrangement similar to a locked-in RRSP. Some provinces have replaced the locked-in RRSP with the LIRA.

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