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Financial Security

If tragedy strikes, the right coverage can provide the money you will need.

✓ We offer the best rates on life, disability and health products bar none. As independent agents - we work for you. We will ensure that you have the appropriate coverage for your individual needs and budget.

✓ We can ensure that your family is provided for and at the very least, your children won't have to go without.

✓ We will ensure that you own a valid coverage underwritten by a Canadian Life Company.

✘ The wrong policy can leave your family with inadequate coverage or worse, wondering if you will be able to make a claim.

What's New With Life Insurance?

The evolution of insurance has produced a whole new class of solutions called living benefits. A blend of Critical Illness , Long Term Disability and Long Term Care policies can protect your family from the the financial impact of accident or illness.

Critical Illness coverage helps you protect yourself against the high cost of dealing with a critical illness and rebuilding your lifestyle.

Long Term Disability insurance can provide you with financial security by replacing a portion of your earnings when an accident or illness causes you to become disabled and unable to work or earn an income.

Long Term Care or LTC protects your retirement plans and gives you flexibility and control when making choices about the healthcare care you may need.

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Insurance Glossary

Grace Period: The period (usually 30 or 31 days) following the premium due date, during which an overdue premium for a life insurance policy may be paid without penalty. The policy remains in force throughout this period.

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